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All content creation on Instant Matataki will be uploaded to the distributed storage on multiple public nodes of IPFS (Interplanetary File System) to achieve permanent access without worrying about being deleted. Your data belongs only to you.
Matataki hopes to focus on interesting topics and in-depth thinking, attract creators with independent spirit, build a unique content value network, rely on blockchain technology to build a stable and high-quality community platform, protect the copyright of creative content; cooperate with unique algorithms to make high-quality content emerge , Allowing creators and participants to get continuous returns with digital currency and fan passes.

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Why create on Matataki?


Save forever
Just publish with confidence

No need to worry about being harmonized. The content you create is permanently stored on the IPFS distributed network and cannot be modified again by anyone, which is convenient for future rights protection on other platforms。


Free creation
Standard retractable

Powerful content editor, no one can influence your creative freedom, everything is under your control. You can also allow your true fans the privilege of making suggestions to yourself.


Personal pass
Digital social currency

Let fans use your personal token to unlock articles! The value of your personal token will continue to increase! Fan Pass is not only your exclusive currency, but also the mark of fans as fellow travelers.


Potential income
Content payment and rewards

Any of your articles can be set to pay to unlock. Don't underestimate the fans' love of your work. As long as it is a high-quality work, even if you need to pay, they will often have the motivation to pay! Even rewards with personal passes.

Three steps to use MATATAKI

1.Create content

There is no need to worry about being harmonized. The content you create is permanently stored on the IPFS distributed network and cannot be modified again by anyone to facilitate future rights protection on other platforms.


2.Share link

Connect and share your work to your fan base, such as Weibo, official account, WeChat group, etc.


3.gain profit

When the content that you set paid to be visible is viewed, you immediately get revenue. Excellent works can even receive additional rewards.


Every free creation should be recorded forever —— 瞬Matataki

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Q & A

1 What is the relationship between the personal pass and Shun Matataki?

Personal Pass is a kind of digital currency issued by individuals. It is also called Fan Ticket on Instant Matataki. It is mainly used to pay and unlock personal creation content related to you. At the same time, it can also be used as a "fan token", as long as you hold a certain amount, you can unlock some of your creative content. Shun Matataki is the first content creation platform that uses personal tokens as a means of payment and core verification. In the future, Instant Matataki will also develop more interesting usage scenarios based on personal tokens. More instructions can be viewedThis

2 What are the advantages of using Matataki?

Shun Matataki is an excellent and safe content creation platform for creators: we do not sign contracts and settle in, and we have no restrictions on the frequency of content and publication. Built-in a powerful Markdown editor, and supports direct import of your works on other content platforms. Use decentralized storage technology to strongly protect the safety of your works and avoid the suffering of harmony! You only care about free creation!

3 Does Shun Matataki charge?

Shun Matataki is completely free for all users to use. The necessary transaction fees will be deducted from the wallet for transactions involving on-chain transactions.

4 What if my work is infringed?

All articles in Matataki are time stamped with blockchain technology and cannot be tampered with. This will be used as strong evidence when defending rights. We are gradually introducing a community governance system to strengthen the control of infringing content.