Do you want to be at ease? Zhixi: I don't want to,


I often hear the older generation say how to raise a person, the answer is to let them continue to relax, so that in a few days, the person will be completely abolished. In fact, Zhixi was also very afraid that during this period of absence, he would no longer want to work hard for life if he had no choice but to take care of it and was at ease. Sometimes I really feel that the epidemic is both a crisis and an opportunity. Yes, the epidemic has affected the economy of many people, including Zhixi’s family. The living arrangements are full. I believe that the epidemic is stable. After I return to school, I will definitely be in front of my classmates, because I have visited several friends who watch dramas and play games online every day, anyway. It is all kinds of lying to win life, I sometimes envy, but I like myself more.
Originally, I also arranged for myself to learn three procedures, then take a PhD, and then travel the world as a volunteer. I never thought about the possibility of leaving the single one day.

Recently, I started to shake a bit.

Because of our medical profession, there are three branches of doctoral major: clinical, scientific research, and research literature. My senior sister told me that it is best to study clinical or literature, and it is easier to apply for a full scholarship.

Many people say that girls with such a high degree of education, it is difficult to find a person who is "right to you", but if you don't stand on the top, how do you know that no one will be waiting for you at the top? Girls must have academic qualifications and skills. Only when you become stronger and your competitiveness improved, can others take a high look at you.

No one in our family can get a Ph.D. Even if a student is like my elder sister, it is just continuing to study after undergraduate. I am the only medical doctor student in our family who has the most hope to graduate with a Ph.D. Guangzong Yaozu. Our family's education believes that the most important thing for girls is to have the ability and worry-free life, and everything else is second.

No one is as good as yourself, so you must make yourself stronger and better

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