The injury can be forgiven, but the scar will alwa


People will be dominated by inertia, which is a very normal thing. Therefore, one mistake most people make is to leave the best side to outsiders and the worst side to the lover. Is that right? I think many people are like this. Outsiders are very gentle and have a good attitude, but they will lose their tempers and be irritable in front of their families and lovers.

This type of person is actually understandable. I used to be like this. Later, I decided to treat everyone equally, but in front of my family and lover, I would be closer. The rest is just the attitude of ordinary gentlemen. . Most of this type of people are very gentle and polite outside. At home is the other side. They may be irritable people who lose their temper at every turn and curse at every turn, and they all have a unified rhetoric: That's because I treat my family and lover as my own person. I don't need to pretend to be in front of them. I am completely myself, the person closest to me, but also pay attention to this, pay attention to that, people's life is so tiring.

At first glance, there is nothing wrong with this rhetoric. When we face close people, we should really be more relaxed and don't have to worry about too much. But relaxing and being yourself is not an excuse for us to hurt them, is it really us, just a hedgehog covered in prickles? This is not really being yourself, but lack of emotional management skills. The two are completely different.

We must know that when we are emotionally up, what we say, do, and cause harm to the other party can be more raw materials, because the other party loves us, but Shanghai will not be forgotten, because of the pain, the scars will still be there. .

My predecessor was also very poor in emotional management. In addition to the things I said before, he often tantrums me because of work. When he is not paid, he also swears at me. Face, as if I owed him millions. Later, I told him, if you want to continue like this, we will have to break, and I won't be wronged by your inexplicable temper, and what I said...really hurts people. Later, he converged for a while, and turned into asking me for money every day, so I just answered him directly: After all, did the scars hurt? Do you think we can still reconcile? It is impossible, even if reconciliation is possible, it is impossible as before. I'm already very disappointed. You have the potential for domestic violence. Let's split it up while we are not deep in it. This is the fourth time I broke up with him. He kept coming to beg me to get back. accepted.

So, really don't hurt the people around you, especially the people we care about. The injury can be forgiven, but the scar will always exist and will not be forgotten. Let us not become people who are arbitrarily hurt.

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